Sketchup pro for mac 10.6.8

If you go to the trouble to use Finder or Terminal to create a directory tree inside of your own user materials folder and fill it with SKMs, that folder will only show up in the materials browser if its name does not conflict with the names of the default collections.

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For instance, "Wood" and "Metal" are examples of default folder names that must be avoided. Good News As an aside, I'd like to start by giving you some good news. Upon digging into the bug tracking system, I see that we have several bugs grouped together into a major topic called "rationalize shipped content vs.

sketchup mac os x 10.6.8

This includes a bunch of materials bugs, including those mentioned above. I think this might get traction soon, so though I can make no guarantees, hopefully we'll find some improvements to materials handling in an upcoming release. Who's Affected Now, with the background out of the way, here's what I'm trying to address: Some of you are on SketchUp 8 or and have already created a bunch of materials through SketchUp, which got created incorrectly in the App bundle.

Now I'm telling you not to ever modify the app bundle and you're wondering how on earth you should migrate the SKMs to SketchUp if that's the case. Others of you have already migrated materials to SketchUp by putting stuff in the app bundle and now you want to know how to "repair" it. Still others may have tried to migrate materials into SketchUp by copying from the SketchUp 8 or bundles into the user directory, but not all of the materials are showing up and you don't know what to do about it. Workaround to Migrate Materials I've come up with a workaround that might work for some of you and I wanted to post it.

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Maybe someone will want to write a plugin to help with migration, now that this info is being explained fully. Here's the basic idea of how to migrate: Close SktechUp if it's running.

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  • For every version of SketchUp that has materials you want to migrate from the. This will guarantee no conflicts. Launch SketchUp and open the materials browser.

    Google SketchUp 8.0.15157 for Mac OS X

    Verify that you now have the same list of default collections like Wood, Metal, etc. This step is unnecessary, but if you really want to clean things up to be nice and tidy, you can now go delete the Materials folder from the SketchUp bundle and then copy a new one into its place from the SketchUp installer bundle. ProfCast for Windows. Remote Clipboard 2.

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    If you have suggestions or comments, contact us. Sweet Home 3D. Is your Mac running Artlantis better with Lion, except for the "use ref" -problem? I take that back - this is not a "bug" - it is just my stupidity - Had to set SketchUp Layer to visible, and all is now fine - Thank you Ildiko On one hand we did not experienced this "Use reference file" problem. On the other hand the user who complained about this on the forum did not come to the support center. We suggest you to do the upgrade to Lion.

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    Depending your modeler application the reference file option works two ways.