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At that point, Internet Recovery works much like standard recovery mode, as described in the next section.

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In fact, if you boot into Internet Recovery, the first screen you see displays a slow-moving progress bar along with a warning that booting will take a while. How do you boot into Internet Recovery? Internet Recovery comes into play only if you have a compatible Mac with no working Recovery HD partition—in that case, your Mac automatically uses Internet Recovery. When booted into recovery mode, the tasks you can perform are limited. The four main options are listed in the OS X Utilities window; select one and click Continue to use it.

Añadir un volumen a un dispositivo sin borrar los datos existentes

Before proceeding, read the important information on the Restore Your System screen that appears when you choose this option. On the next screen, select your Time Machine drive, then the particular backup snapshot you want to restore from, then the destination drive. When I tested the feature, the estimated download time was roughly five hours, although the actual download time was closer to 35 minutes over my cable-modem connection. You can also check and send email if your email account provides Web access.

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Disk Utility: Repair or erase a disk using Disk Utility. Selecting this option and clicking Continue launches Disk Utility, which you can use to check, repair, erase, or partition connected drives, including your startup drive. You can get back to the Utilities window at any time by quitting Disk Utility.

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You may be wondering what version of OS X will be installed if you use recovery mode to reinstall the operating system. If your drive is having serious problems, so your Mac has to boot into Internet Recovery, reinstalling OS X gives you whatever version of the OS your Mac originally shipped with. This mounts the Recovery HD partition in the Finder. However, you aren't seeing everything—some of the folder's contents are invisible. This will display the full list of the folder's contents:.

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Aprende a crear una memoria USB Bootable, USB de arranque/ USB de instalción.

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How to create a bootable macOS Mojave installer drive

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