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Microsoft Excel has built-in learning and adaptive systems. It keeps a track of work you do in a spreadsheet and can automatically suggest you auto-fill for the subsequent data field.

Alternatively, you can also use some third-party add-ons or plugins which can add a plenty of extra functions to your existing version of Microsoft Excel. You will be able to merge multiple cells in excel without losing data. Kutools For Excel has a wide variety of capabilities which can help you save time while working with Excel. You now know 4 efficient ways to merge multiple columns in Microsoft Excel without losing data.

Do let us know which method worked best for you. The comments section is aimed to help our readers in case of any questions or you can even appreciate us for our hard work. Every comment is strictly moderated before approving it. Your name and comment will be visible to the public. Never share your personal information in the comments section. Your email address will not be published. Here is the Example:. I was planning to write an email to following addresses: sdkjfhds msn. Result is perfect. Column A is the Family Number.

I tried using "Justify" but it wraps the names onto multiple rows because I can't make the column wide enough. Thank you Mr. Chandoo, it appears you have the answer I need and it will save me many hours of work. Unfortunately my excel skills are so weak that I don't understand where to begin. I will try to find a class on excel programming basics so that I can learn how to implement your suggestion. Hi sir i just want a clarification from you that im preparing a travel schedule that consist of onward details and return details.. This is easily possible if the data is in 2 columns.

Is it possible to apply this macro to all rows of a 5 x 50 set of data? Sorry, I'm very inexperienced with macros. In a sheet where each column has different conditional formatting, is it possible, in VBA, to merge cells vertically without loosing the conditionnal formatting? Hi thank you very much for the macro, that is a gem!!! I wanted to know if instead of using selection but if i would like to add a preset range, how do i rewrite the code for this?

For example? Thank you.

Combine columns in Excel without losing data - 3 quick ways

I have conditional formatting relying on a date where the cell is merged because I had to add another row in order to have the sub contractors listed separately. Column V is merged again. My problem is Column I which is the expiration date of the task is the condition to turn all the cells to the color requested. It will only happen if I don't merge the Column I which has the expiration date and I put the date in both cells 2 and 3. Dear all how I repeat the word with simple shortcut how I create a macro in it.

Like "Pakistani is great" this line is use many time in my sheet how can I make shortcut for it?? Name required. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of when new comments are posted via e-mail. One email per week with Excel and Power BI goodness. Login to online classes. Blog Training Excel School 2. Hello Awesome Thank you and see you around. Related articles:. December 7, at am. Steve Sexton says:. December 7, at pm. Chandoo says:. Godwin says:.

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